110 Title, LLC – The meaning behind the name

We first posted the story of 110 Title about three years ago. We’re posting it again now because we believe it is the backbone of our company. We hope you enjoy learning more about 110 Title and how we came to get our name.


My father and I are frequently asked, “What is “110” anyway?” As some may guess, it does have to do with the old cliché of giving “110 %”. However, thanks to an old, grey headed, tough as nails, hard lined, “do-it-right-or-not-at-all” football coach that Jack Mendheim, (the owner), Blake (Jack’s oldest son and the owner of 110 Builders, LLC) and Andrew (Jack’s youngest son and attorney with 110 Title) had the privilege of playing for at Covington High School, the saying is not just cliché but rather a lifestyle that carries into everything we do, including real estate title transactions.

Coach Allie Smith, a local legend and long time football coach for the CHS Lions in Covington, Louisiana (now retired for the most part) truly embraced the idea of giving your absolute best at everything you do. In terms of football, evidence of this idea ultimately showed itself on Friday nights under the lights at Jack Salter Stadium. While the score board did not always reflect the team’s 110% effort, anyone paying attention could tell that Covington was well prepared.

In Coach Smith’s mind success merely means doing things the right way every single time. From the slightest and smallest of details, he demanded the greatest attention to doing them correctly. From a high school football perspective, this meant keeping your locker clean and orderly, having all equipment clean, organized and maintained, keeping the weight room clean and organized after use, etc.. If you are “on time” for something, you’re late, and only if you’re ten minutes early are you on time. He went so far as to demonstrate exactly how to correctly secure the wash bags after practice for equipment that needed washing (many times). In his mind if the bags were secured incorrectly, loose articles of clothing in the washer/dryer made it more difficult for whosever articles they were to efficiently get ready for practice the following afternoon. As opposed to quickly locating your belongings, you were now digging in the laundry bin for your socks. By the time you found them, everyone else was on the practice field. He demanded attention to these seemingly minute details. To a high school kid it didn’t necessarily always make sense.   Having to run 10 stadiums for literally arriving 3 seconds late to practice (after the horn signaling the start of practice) seems rather draconian. Nevertheless, had the player secured his wash bag correctly, he would have been on time. As maturity begins to take hold, his rigid adherence to this philosophy begins to avail itself in his students/players in powerful ways. This attitude of doing everything the right way, more often than not, manifested itself in the form of a win on Friday nights. Covington High was always going to make you play well to beat them when Smith was part of the coaching unit.

Once mastery of the small details was well in hand, the bigger, more important things almost “fall into place.” If being late for practice meant 10 stadiums, what did missing practice entail? If securing the wash bag is important, how much more important is it to get into correct football stances, study film, practice sound fundamentals, remember plays, run good routes, not commit penalties, etc.?  Still further, if the approach to football is that important, how much more important is one’s approach to an education, their job or career, friends and family, and in our case, faith in Christ?  By placing so much emphasis on the small details and the necessity of doing them absolutely correctly, a culture is created. Not just a football culture, but a life culture.

This lifestyle becomes second nature. It infiltrates every facet of life. When the small details are properly tended to the more important aspects of life are ipso facto taken care of.  Our approach to business is no different. Every detail of the closing process, from opening the file to post closing matters, is carefully considered with the ultimate goal of assisting lenders in lending, agents in brokering transactions, and clients selling and buying homes.  If we’ve done our job like we aspire to, more often than not the closing is smooth and the buyers, sellers, agents and lenders are all happy.   That’s what drives us. Obviously, we’re not perfect, nor do we presume to be. Yes, mistakes will be made from time to time. You can bet though that we’ll do everything in our power to correct them.

I’m not sure whether or not Coach Smith actually used the phrase “give 110% percent.” Nonetheless, the philosophy he instilled is the same. 110 happens to be an effective way to succinctly describe our approach.  I think Coach Smith would be proud of our effort at 110 (though I’m sure he could find some reason to make us run a few stadiums).  So please consider us as your preferred title company for St. Tammany and the surrounding parishes both on the Northshore and Southshore. I promise you’ll appreciate our 110%.

~ Andrew S. Mendheim