A Helpful Guide to Title Industry Acronyms

Do you feel like you are drowning in alphabet soup? Acronyms have become common-place in the title insurance industry. In fact, acronyms have come so far that there are acronyms of acronyms! One of the newest is TRID, an acronym for TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule. Some acronyms are part of an industry group or association, such as ALTA, NAHB, DOI, or DFR; sometimes an acronym may describe certain standards.

There are so many acronyms that it can be confusing and certainly overwhelming. The table below contains some of the industry’s most commonly used acronyms and their meanings.

10311031 Exchange
ABAAmerican Bankers Association or American Bar Association
ALTAAmerican Land Title Association
APNAssessor's Parcel Number
APRAnnual Percentage Rate
ARMAdjustable Rate Mortgage
BPOBroker Price Opinion or Business Process Outsourcing
BPOSGBPO Standards and Guidelines
CBAConsumer Banker Association
CC&RsCovenants, Conditions and Restrictions
CCCClosing Cost Calculator
CFPBConsumer Financial Protection Bureau
CLEContinuing Legal Education
CLICertified Legal Intern
CLTVCombined Loan to Value
CPLClosing Protection Letter
DFRDepartment of Federal Regulation
DFSDepartment of Financial Services
DILDeed In Lieu
DOIDepartment of Insurance
E&OErrors and Omissions Insurance
ECOAEqual Credit Opportunity Act (Regulation B)
FACCFirst American Comprehensive Calculator
FAECFirst American Exchange Company
FAFFirst American Financial Corporation stock symbol
FDICFederal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FHAFederal Housing Administration
FHFAFederal Housing Finance Agency
FHLMCFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac)
FNMAFederal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae)
FRMFixed Rate Mortgage
FTCFederal Trade Commission
GLBAGramm-Leach-Bliley Act
GNMAGovernment National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae)
GSEGovernment Sponsored Entity
HAMPHome Affordable Modification Program
HARPHome Affordable Refinance Program
HELOCHome Equity Line of Credit
HMDAHome Mortgage Disclosure Act
HOAHome Owners Association
HOEPAHome Ownership and Equity Protection Act
HUDDepartment of Housing and Urban Development
LOCLetter of Credit
LTVLoan to Value
MBAMortgage Bankers Association
MBSMortgage Backed Securities
MERSMortgage Electronic Registration System
MISMOMortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization
MLSMultiple Listing Service
NAHBNational Association of Home Builders
NARNational Association of Realtors
NCSNational Commercial Services
NNANational Notary Association
NODNotice of Default
NOSNotice of Sale
NPINon-public Personal Information
OCCOffice of the Comptroller of the Currency
O&EOwnership and Encumbrance Report
OFACOffice of Foreign Assets Control
OIROffice of Insurance Regulation
PIDPositive Identification
PMIPrivate Mortgage Insurance
POAPower of Attorney
POCPaid Outside of Closing
PTFAProtecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act
REAReciprocal Easement Agreement
REITReal Estate Investment Trust
REOReal Estate Owned
RESPAReal Estate Settlement Procedures Act
ROIReturn on Investment
SCRAService Members Civil Relief Act
SDNSpecially Designated Nationals
SNDASubordination, Non-Disturbance, and Attornment Agreement
TILATruth in Lending Act (Regulation Z)
TRIDTILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule
UCCUniform Commercial Code
UDAPUnfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices
UPBUnpaid Principal Balance
UPLUnauthorized Practice of Law
USCUnited States Code
UTAUnited Trustee Association
VADepartment of Veterans Affairs