Tips For a Timely Closing For the Real Estate Agent

Couple Buying HouseAlthough closing procedures vary from state to state, having an understanding of what may be required at closing
and preparing accordingly will help the settlement process go as smoothly as possible.

LEGIBILITY OF SALES CONTRACT: If any element of the sales contract is difficult to read, supply supporting documentation in order to ensure the correctness of the transaction details.

TRANSACTION FEE AND REAL ESTATE COMMISSION: Provide the amount to be listed on the HUD-1 Settlement Statement and the parties paying/receiving these fees.

CONTACT INFORMATION: To help improve communication between all parties, please provide the following:

  • LISTING AND SELLING AGENT: Email address, cell phone, office phone and address, and assistant’s contact
    information, if applicable. Also, preferred method of communication and best time to contact.
  • BUYER(s) AND SELLER(s): Current physical address for all buyers, not a Post Office box, to receive documents, if necessary. Home phone, cell phone, email address, preferred method of communication and best time to contact. Please also provide a forwarding address and new contact information to reach the seller(s) once the property has closed.
  • HOMEOWNER ASSOCIATION OR CONDO ASSOCIATION: In order to obtain a Certificate of Approval and verify payments due the association, contact information will be needed. SURVEY COMPANY: If a new survey is being included, provide contact information to closing agent to relay correct legal description and survey certifications.
  • INSPECTION(s): Provide contact name, phone number and email address for the inspection company.

If you have any questions about ensuring a timely closing, please contact 110 Title at (985) 674-5044. We would be happy to assist you however we can!