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"110 means always striving to give 110% to God, our families, our community, and our clients."

“110 means always striving to give 110% to God,
our families, our community, and our clients.”

“It is that simple. With that being said, how does that play out in the way we do business? I think we always need to understand that doing business is not only about making money. While this is important, if we are solely focused on that and that alone we lose our bearings about what is really important in our lives and in the lives of the people we connect with. Our vision statement hopefully says what is important. The things that we are involved with as individuals and as a company will bear factual proof that our vision is not just a nice statement that reads well. For example, if we are involved in the St. Tammany Home Builders Association primarily for reasons of expanding our business relationships, we are missing the point. What is truly important is the worthy charitable organizations that do so much in our community that are benefitted by the HBA. We should give 110% to the HBA because it is a good organization that is helping others. Involvement in the Covington Rotary for me is about the Feeding the Needy program that will deliver 1,400 turkey dinners to families on Christmas morning.

110 Title is focused on doing these kinds of things and finding ways to do more. We identify people in our community that are in need of low cost title services because of their particular situation, such as single parents and veterans. There may be other hardship cases that we become aware of that require the same benefit. 110 Title continually brainstorms ways to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

I want 110 Title to be different. I think that if we live our vision in the way we do our business, we will be different and all of our lives will be enhanced because of it.”

~Jack Mendheim
Owner, 110 Title

Jack Mendheim

Owner/Attorney at Law

Kerrie Sinon

Notary Public

Andrew Mendheim

Attorney at Law

In Loving Memory of Richie Laird
11/29/1945 – 10/26/2014


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